Articles from The New York Times

The Ghost of Purim Past
March 14, 2006
Three years ago, while visiting Tehran, I was introduced to…

Protect Sharon From the Right
August 5, 2004
Not long ago, at a West Bank settlement outpost surrounded…

Reverse Engineering
October 20, 2002
AMERICAN GROUND Unbuilding the World Trade Center. By William Langewiesche…

New York’s Finest
September 17, 2000
NYPD A City and Its Police. By James Lardner and…

Inside Jihad U.: The Education of a Holy Warrior
June 25, 2000
In a Pakistani religious school called the Haqqania madrasa, Osama bin Laden is a hero, the Taliban’s leaders are famous alums and the next generation of mujahedeen is being militantly groomed.

Where the Political Is Personal
June 25, 2000
A Little Too Close to God The Thrills and Panic…

Epidemic Proportions
June 4, 2000
Questions for Peter Piot: The U. N.’s point man on AIDS discusses whether the drug companies’ new policies mean anything on the continent hardest hit.

A Continent’s Chaos
May 21, 2000
Why do Americans find it intolerable in Europe but inevitable in Africa?

Diaper Diplomacy
April 30, 2000
Encounter with Jamie Rubin: In anticipation of his new life as a stay-at-home dad, the former State Department spokesman gets a lesson in fatherly duties.

Learning How To Be King
February 6, 2000
“The things is,” says His Majesty Abdullah II, the 38-year-old…

The Lives They Lived: Mario Puzo, b. 1920
January 2, 2000
Sammy the Bull Explains How The Mob Got Made

The Coolest Guy In All of Jersey
December 26, 1999
The Garden State’s two greatest cultural exports, Bruce Springsteen and ‘The Sopranos,’ have one thing in common: Steven Van Zandt.

A Joy Ride With Ralph Nader
October 31, 1999
The car industry’s fiercest critic is taken for a spin in the most expensive S.U.V. ever made.

Microbes on the Move
October 10, 1999
West Nile fever could end up being the least of New York’s fears.

Israel’s Y2K Problem
October 3, 1999
There are Jews who want to seize the Temple Mount by any means necessary. And Christians who want to see the Jewish Temple rebuilt—and destroyed to bring on Armageddon. And Muslims who will never give up the Dome of the Rock. Will the peace process be stalled by the apocalypse?

Love Is All Around
August 1, 1999
Orrin Hatch is a distinguished U.S. Senator who is running for the Presidency. But what he really likes to do is sing sweet songs of love.

The Color of Suspicion
June 20, 1999
From the front seat of a police cruiser, racial profiling is not racism. It’s a tool—and cops have no intention of giving it up.

Playing With Firearms
June 13, 1999
At home, armed with an automatic weapon, the novelist Tom Clancy lets down his guard.

The Don Is Done
January 31, 1999
John J. Gotti, the bloody-minded truck hijacker who led the…

The Crude Face of Global Capitalism
October 4, 1998
Azerbaijan is a former soviet republic located in a disagreeable…

Sore Winner
August 16, 1998
‘So,” says the Mayor, breaking his silence, “how was the…

Big Tobacco’s Endgame
June 21, 1998
Steven F. Goldstone, the chairman and chief executive officer of…

Can I Have That in a Plain Brown Wrapper, Please?
June 7, 1998
It has been several months since I loosed myself from…

Jimmy Hoffa’s Revenge
February 8, 1998
On a wind-whipped fall day, a creaking, leaking motor home…

Washington Discovers Christian Persecution
December 21, 1997
A year ago, it was barely on the public agenda. Now, an unlikely coalition of advocates has turned the human rights of Christians worldwide into this year’s cause - and a wedge issue that could divide the Republican Party.

From Peace Process To Police Process
September 14, 1997
Israeli-Palestinian relations depend ever more on meaningful joint security. But with the decay of diplomacy, Jibril Rajoub, Arafat’s top cop, is left embittered and volatile, like much of the West Bank that his agency polices.

The Mystery of Janet Reno
July 6, 1997
What Is Janet Reno Thinking?

Some of Their Best Friends Are Jews
March 16, 1997
The Rev. O.S. Hawkins is promising me eternal damnation, and…

January 12, 1997
IMPURE SCIENCE AIDS, Activism, and the Politics of Knowledge. By…

Adventures of a Republican Revolutionary
November 3, 1996
Mark W. Neumann, a freshman Republican Congressman from Janesville, Wis…

Next Target: Nicotine
August 4, 1996
The medical reports lying on a table in David Kessler’s…

Lifting Liberia Out of Chaos
April 15, 1996
George Boley stood in a clearing deep in a Liberian…