Articles from The New Yorker

Letter from Washington: The Starting Gate
January 15, 2007
Foreign policy divides the Democrats.

Letter from Gaza: The Forgotten War
September 11, 2006
The overlooked consequences of Hamas’s actions.

Letter From Washington: Central Casting
May 29, 2006
The Democrats think about who can win in the midterms—and in 2008.

The Talk of the Town: Sprucing Up Nixon
May 8, 2006
The nine-acre campus of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace…

Letter From Washington: The Believer
February 13, 2006
George W. Bush’s loyal speechwriter.

Letter From Washington: Breaking Ranks
October 31, 2005
What turned Brent Scowcroft against the Bush Administration?

Letter From Washington: Real Insiders
July 4, 2005
A pro-Israel lobby and an F.B.I. sting.

Letter From Washington: A Little Learning
May 9, 2005
What Douglas Feith knew, and when he knew it.

Letter From Washington: The Unbranding
March 21, 2005
Can the Democrats make themselves look tough?

The Talk of the Town: Visiting Preacher Killen
January 17, 2005
A sign on the narrow road that leads to Edgar…

A Reporter At Large: Among The Settlers
May 31, 2004
Will they destroy Israel?

Letter From Northern Iraq: Wartime Friendships
April 14, 2003
Near the front lines, Iraq’s feuding opposition groups meet to plot the future.

Letter From Northern Iraq: Waiting At The Front
April 7, 2003
The mood among the Kurds is one of anticipation—and fear.

A Reporter At Large: The Unknown
February 10, 2003
The C.I.A. and the Pentagon take another look at Al Qaeda and Iraq.

A Reporter At Large: In The Party Of God (Part II)
October 28, 2002
Hezbollah sets up operations in South America and the United States.

A Reporter At Large: In The Party Of God (Part I)
October 14, 2002
Are terrorists in Lebanon preparing for a larger war?

A Reporter at Large: The Great Terror
March 25, 2002
In northern Iraq, there is new evidence of Saddam Hussein’s genocidal war on the Kurds—and of his possible ties to Al Qaeda.

Letter From Cairo: Behind Mubarak
October 8, 2001
Egyptian clerics and intellectuals respond to terrorism.

Letter From Gaza: The Martyr Strategy
July 9, 2001
What does the new phase of terrorism signify?

A Reporter at Large: Arafat’s Gift
January 29, 2001
The Return of Sharon